SoundZone.INFO about us

We believe that if you compare the quality of a track to a building then a musical idea is basement, whilst sound quality is walls&roof and mastering is a decoration. No one would like to use a house with cracked and half broken walls, dripping roof and awkward decor. So, no one would like a track build with poor quality sounds and samples. Hence, high quality sounds for your sampler and synth are essential for a track success. Everyone knows that with unlimited budget he/she can achieve any sound, but no one has unlimited budget. Moreover most musicians have very strong limits and often enforced to use either cheap sounds or have very limited number of proper ones.

It costs a lot of time and effort to produce really good sounding sound samples. So what most of label do is compensate the quality by quantity selling gigabytes of samples rather then quality and variety of them. We believe while good sounds need plenty of disk space sometimes, it is not a rule. As you know size does not matter, quality does.

We aim to provide world class top notch quality sounds, not overselling the expectation and still keep the costs as low as possible to make them affordable for musicians.