"How To" Tutorials

How to download SoundFonts

How to download SoundFonts? There are plenty of professional big SoundFonts available on our web site for download. The links to them are visible for logged in users only.


Sidechain in Cubase 5

This tutoral explains how to setup sidechain compression in Cubase 5 in 5 simple steps.

  1. one control signal channel that will drive compression. Kick drum is very often used for "ducking" effect.
  2. the actual signal the you want to apply effect to ("duck" / compress / gate,etc). for example strings or bass

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Roland V-Synth Compact Flash compatible cards

Roland V-Synth XT features a PC card slot for flash memory expansion. Roland web site only lists small sized Compact Flash compatible cards that are not available on the market any more. We recently done some tests and identified 2 cards that definitely work with our V-Synth XT.


What is side chain compression

Side chain compression is just a variation of well know compression effect. The only difference between side chain compression and an ordinary compression is that at any moment in time in side chain the compression is driven by external signal (control) volume and applied to target (destination) sound rather then by the volume of the original target signal itself.


Cubase 5 VST folder (for VST 2.x plugins)

Steinberg Cubase 5 DAW does not have folder for VST 2.x plugins in standard location. This results that Cubase can't find you favorite plugins that you install before Cubase 5 installation or plugins installers are being confused and not knowing where to deploy them selves. Fortunately, this is easy to fix and we have several options here.


Authentic Expression Technology in Kontakt 4+ / Kontakt Player 4+

The new Authentic Expression Technology (AET) sets the new milestone in reproduction of sampled sounds. It allows acuratly reproduce dynamics and articulations without well know "jumps" in sound between different veloity layers.